Algues Biologiques produites en Bretagne
Algues Biologiques produites en Bretagne

                    ABOUT US

The 3 founders are from the left to the right : 

Josick THAERON, Jakès PRAT and Philippe LEGORJUS


ALGOLESKO is a real human symbiosis around Seaweed with the 3 founders and their different careers converging on a commun goal : 


  • Josick THAERON is a reknowned oyster farmer and leader of European aquaculture (Belon and Marennes in France, Portugal and Ireland),
  • Jakès PRAT, fisherman and oyster farmer with a fanatical interest and scientific understanding of seaweeds as well as 10 years practical experience of cultivating them in south Brittany,
  • Philippe LEGORJUS, VUELTO GROUP's CEO, entrepreneur in the field of water and renewable energies with a passion for economic development in the Brittany region of France.